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Our mission is to curate meaningful memories with the most experienced people on earth.

Welcome to Silver Fox Staffing, where our goal is to reintroduce Active Seniors into the workforce through impeccable event support. Since our inception, we have been the trusted choice for companies hosting events in and around Atlanta. We have empowered over 100 Active Seniors and made a significant impact, including staffing the the Super Bowl LIII Experience with a team of over 300 staffers, ages 16 to 76.

Led by our Managing Director, Jeannine Lewis, who brings nearly 20 years of experience in consulting and project management, we excel at solving event staffing challenges. We work closely with clients to capture their vision and deliver unforgettable experiences from start to finish. We handle events of all sizes and types with a diverse range of clients, including professional, educational, medical, and philanthropic organizations.

As a woman-owned, certified Minority Business Enterprise, we are committed to inclusion. Our hiring practices and the clients we serve reflect this dedication. Join us on our journey as we redefine event support and create remarkable moments that leave a lasting impression.

Image by Roman Serdyuk


Jeannine Lewis

Meet Jeannine Lewis, the driving force behind Silver Fox Staffing's remarkable journey. With a mission to reintegrate Active Seniors into the workforce, she’s revolutionizing event support for Atlanta’s upscale conferences and gatherings. Since starting the company Jeannine has orchestrated over 100 enriching opportunities for seniors, igniting a new era in event hosting. In 2018, she even secured a game-changing contract with Super Bowl LIII, bridging generations through a dynamic team of over 300 Staffers aged 16 to 76. With nearly two decades of Corporate America prowess, Jeannine Lewis crafts unforgettable event narratives, channeling her expertise to define, envision, and bring to life seamless, exceptional experiences.

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