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Developing Habits of Wellness

For some retirement is the goal, and for others it’s their worst nightmare. The idea of the golden years is daunting and frightening and really unfathomable for some. AARP defines Seniors as 50 years-old. You know the drill – the clock strikes midnight and the card is in the mail. But is that really the golden age?

Quite the opposite, 50 is when some people are just getting started. It’s when they are finally defining or redefining themselves, and it’s a grand time. It’s a time of discovery and invention; Of creativity and innovation. Most of all, it’s a time of freedom. And with that freedom comes responsibility – particularly to one’s self. Establishing and maintaining a habit of wellness will be key to that, the good people over at have developed The Wellness Guide to your 50s to help us all out.

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