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Silver Fox Staffing is an Atlanta-based staffing and professional services firm, committed to providing opportunities for Active Seniors. We are a certified Woman-owned, Minority Business Enterprise focused on providing unique experiences to both our Staffers and our Clients.

The Silver Foxes demonstrate their deep industry expertise, creative approaches to problem-solving and dedication and commitment to servicing our Clients at every step of engagement – from introduction to completion, and they are the reason for our success.


Beyond that, we are thrilled to provide the opportunity for Active Seniors to re-engage in the workforce. We know that the ability to remain active, learn and develop new skills and build and maintain relationships and connections all contribute to a healthier lifestyle overall, and we strive to do all of that for our Staffers.

Silver Fox Staffing was one of the 5 staffing firms that provided teammates for the Super Bowl Experience in Atlanta in 2019.  We provided over 225 "Foxes" to welcome the world to Atlanta to celebrate The Big Game!


In 2016, Active Seniors made up 18% of the workforce.

According to Pew Research, those 65 or older are working more than any time since the turn of the century AND staying in those roles longer than their peers in previous generations (, 2016). 
This is GREAT news for us here at Silver Fox Staffing, because it’s those active Seniors that are the lifeblood of our Company. This population not only has superior skills and capabilities that just frankly can’t be taught, they are also committed and dedicated, as well as creative, innovative, patient, friendly and engaging, and have a distinct focus on happily serving clients. This, to us and our Clients, is a winning combination and makes us a standout in the industry. 


Our goal is to build positive, lasting relationships with those we serve and the Silver Foxes are key to that. The mature worker is often an overlooked demographic in the workforce, but they represent our ideal workforce. As team members, they are equipped with talents and abilities that take years to cultivate in other workers. Their depth of knowledge, wisdom and unique skills have prepared them to step into every assignment eager to provide the best possible experience for our Clients.


Need to hire reliable, seasoned employees?

We can help. 




Become a "Silver Fox" today and enjoy

active employment.



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